Ready (You’ve Seen Me Change)

You’ve seen me change. You’ve seen me struggle with what you find immaterial. You think it’s strange. How I become distracted by the trivial. You’ve seen me fall. But you’ve helped me grin and share all of the pain. Now I’m unsure If you are ready to go through that all again.

I wonder why, your God made us all so radically different. So ill equipped and unprepared apart from sparks of brilliance. It takes its toll and it’s easier to think I am insane. Now I’m unsure if you are ready to go through that all again.

As we prepare to start another chapter in this saga. You must already know that it could be a huge disaster. But if I fail to come through for you – you’ll still be there for me.

So we arrange to focus only on what’s right in front of us. But we remain, conscious of the clouds that gather heavenward. And we move on. From what I’ve been able to ascertain, I’m reassured that you’re ready to go through that. You’re ready to go through that all again.

Inbau, Reid and Buckley

Don’t try that Inbau, Reid and Buckley shit on me. I see you’re not new to coercion, but when you shine your light on what’s been going on. You seem uncertain.

Step one you confront me and it’s all cut and dried. Step two you shift the blame – now it was all justified. Step three don’t let me say “no way it could be me!”. Step four let me explain how I could not be guilty. It’s good cop time with step five now you’re all on my side. Step six, explore your theme and take me on a lonely ride. Step seven set out your case and let me choose the lesser evil. Steps eight and nine confess the crime and validate the details.

Listen to the radio

You could do better than me, you say, without even trying. And I don’t even notice when you started lying. So what are you doing here if that’s what you’re thinking. The rats are all leaving and this ship is sinking.

But maybe you’re not quite ready to go. Maybe it’s time to listen to the radio.

So we sit there in silence and pretend we’re not thinking. How it could have gone differently if I wasn’t drinking. And we never discuss all things that need doing. And we turn a blind eye to the trouble that’s brewing.

You turn the radio on, but I can’t hear what they’re saying. Some of your comrades have gone and the others are praying. There’s a tear in your eye as the words keep repeating. Because your orders are clear when it comes to retreating.



Due Preparations

Don’t want to be morbid but I think it’s about time. We’re not getting any younger and there’s still mountains left to climb. Let’s take a long hard look at body and at soul. We’re not exactly where we were all of those years ago.

I’m busy making due preparations for the plague.

Don’t want to be boring but we really need a plan. Preferably we want something that suits our short attention span. I say we travel light and minimise the load. Go straight on when we arrive at the next fork in the road.

We’ve come so far but we don’t know quite where we are. It’s such a shame now that we’re right back at the start again.

Across the river and into the trees

Across the river we will rest when we find shade amongst the trees
The battle’s done, the war is lost, defeat is ours to be seized
It’s time to reflect on what we have done and what we now believe
To tell apart the right from wrong, the givers from the thieves

We all fall down

A different soul, a different time, a different enemy to flee
Another day crawls past another step towards mortality
Already too late patiently she waits to realise her dreams
Into the trees she passes finding her shade in between the beams

We all fall down

We might be players on the stage of life but we still choose our role
Don’t sacrifice the time you have trying to save your worthless soul
Reject the dangerous lie that there is something more to life than this
Embrace the ones you love and live the life you know you yearn to live

When we return

There comes a time when you start to question everything. It all unwinds when nothing comes to anything. Will we go home and beat our swords into ploughshares? When we return what will we find… there?

It’s not for me, to say, how these things should turn out. I’m just a pawn, picked up and lost or pushed about. We’ll fight our fate ’cause nothing’s pre-ordained. If we return will it be all…change?

There’s no doubting that truth is the first casualty of war. And I don’t even remember what we were fighting for. You could tell me again and again but you shouldn’t waste your breath. Cause the path that seems right now in the end could lead to death.

I hope we’ll find, a way, to reconcile the past. With what we see, today, now flying at half mast. I’ll take my leave,   but know it won’t all be the same. When we return who will they all…blame?

Nineteen Twenty Nine



And did you have to laugh when it didn’t come to pass? What did you have to say you were going anyway? And did you have to see? And did you have to turn…away?

What was it that you felt when you knew the cards were dealt? It wasn’t like that in my day but now it’s time to pay. And did you have to be so temperamental as you fall…away?

Call to me and I will fly. Wait for me and I’ll be down. Watch through windows passing by. I’m passing by, as I reach for the ground

October 29 and the market’s in decline. There’s crowds out in Wall Street, see them beneath our feet. So should we rise above, or is it time to fall…away?


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